The Greenhalls Trust was founded in 2005 and honours the legacies of Elizabeth Greenhall, an artist and avid art collector, and Arthur Greenhall, a dedicated zoologist who made his mark on the world through his study of nature's many creatures. Once upon a time this loving couple lived in Trinidad as ex-pats with their two children, Paul and Alice. Elizabeth settled comfortably into Trinidad & Tobago's art society, and Arthur held several zoological positions related to animal discovery as well as to improvements in society's health and well being (for example, the study of bats, that infamous carrier of the deadly rabies virus, was among Arthur's specialties).

When they left this island nation in 1963, the four Greenhall family members had become enriched with several years of fond memories, unique experiences, and new perspectives in art, and had gained a wealth of scientific knowledge and accomplishments.

Our Mission

The Greenhalls Trust is focused on fostering the visions of Arthur and Elizabeth Greenhall by offering financial assistance to Trinidad & Tobago's aspiring artists and to zoological and environmental (flora and fauna) explorers.

Scholarship details and funding source

In acknowledgement of their positive Trini experience, each year The Greenhalls Trust will offer two financial grants/scholarships with a goal of fueling Arthur and Elizabeth's favoured disciplines, the arts and zoology, with special emphasis on the tropics.

In time it is hoped that the trust will further its philanthropic reach into other parts of the West Indies and Latin America .

Funding for the scholarships is derived from the sale of the family's extensive Trinidadian art collection, which was shipped to Trinidad from the family home in the United States , restored, and mounted for display in a local gallery. On April 12, the Greenhall family (Paul, Alice, and grandson Michael Arthur) hosted the Elizabeth Rusk Greenhall Exhibition, A Collection of Paintings by Trinidadian Artists at the 101 Art Gallery in Port of Spain . The exhibition included paintings by TNT Art Society pioneers, included Amy Leong Pang-Bullbrook, Carlisle Chang, Willie Chen, Sybil Atteck, Brother Fergus Griffin, M.P. Alladin, Alice Greenhall, Elizabeth Greenhall, Glean Chase, Edward Hing-Wan, and Hugh Stohlmeyer.

An impressive 99 percent of the collection was sold on opening day, raising $150,000TT. The principal has been invested through local Welthecon Investment Managers (Port-of-Spain). The interest becomes available this year and is dedicated solely to scholarships in the Arts and Zoology. Unsold paintings by Brother Fergus, a close family friend and co-founder of Presentation College in San Fernando , were donated to the college.

Granting scholarships

People with an idea for a project in the Arts or Zoology, as it relates to this trust's mission statement, are cordially invited to submit an application and proposal to be reviewed by board members. Please visit the application's page to proceed.





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